The Tall Lighthouse
Vidyan Ravinthiran

Vidyan is a graduate student and lecturer at Balliol College, Oxford. His pamphlet, ‘at home or nowhere’, was published last year by tall-lighthouse; other poems have appeared in Magma, Poetry Review, The North, The Times Literary Supplement, and are forthcoming in Ambit, Stand, Horizon Review, Poetry Wales and an anthology of American and Oxford poets to be published by Waywiser Press.



at home or nowhere

Vidyan's poems are a heady mixture of exotic language and strangely real personal experience, cemented together by a verbal wit and a winning, amused half-mockery. They are a delight.

                                                                                                    Bernard O'Donoghue


The angel of dream-work from at home or nowhere     


Gently, I emancipate the paperback loosely gripped

still by one trailing hand, riffling the pages with 

that well-worn, windy motif that means time passing.

A few rubber shreds leave long shadows 

aslant your thigh-smooth page in the lamplight;

the typeface is paler here where you’ve erased 

some deep underlining that presses through

to the verso, so a little ridge highlights the shadow             


I’ll fit to the furrow scrowed between your eyebrows,

as if a dog-eared page could forget its place 

like pillows shunted numbly off the mattress

or that one bare shoulder wrangled free of your t-shirt  

– deferring, for the moment, those archetypal ley-lines

a second reading may gently activate.






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