The Tall Lighthouse

Stacy Fox

Renowned for her performances in both the US and abroad, Stacy Fox’s poetry speaks bravely on change, conflict and the human condition. Her brave and exciting debut pamphlet brings to the page, and a wider public, some of the poet’s best performance pieces together with a number of new poems.

From the Mid-western US Stacy made her debut with the Lincoln, NE slam poetry team in 2006. After a brief stay in London, she currently teaches Language Arts on Chicago’s South Side where she has become a permanent figure in the Chicago Slam poetry scene, working to bring spoken word into the classrooms of Chicago Public Schools.

The poems in fire on the stairs are not satisfied with describing the ordinary world, but insist on exposing what its components signify. They unwrap the interior life of objects and the ulterior motives of – well – everyone, the poet included. They dance in a deeply American landscape of guns, grocery stores, cities in the rear-view –  there is celebration here, empathy, and danger.            A journey worth the fare.

Marty McConnell


fire on the stairs


ISBN 978 1 904551 50 8



Back Home


The silvery sound of the old couch springs

is as soft as the smell of the wood-burning

stove, fed for the first time this season.


One wood handle is stained with the sweat

of fathers, their breathing still timed

with the swing of an axe. 


The other hangs naked,

its iron spine teeming

with the heat of the fire.


A small black hole

in the ten-years-new carpet

tells of a son’s willingness to help,


tells of youth and pride,

of covering mistakes with a rug

and smiling like nothing is different.


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